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von__walde's Journal

Gwendal von Walde
21 June
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(renabunny42 RPing Gwendal from Kyou Kara Maou, formerly for crossuniversity)


Gwendal was born 1956, and actually grew up a prince in a small country near German. His childhood was mostly spent with his cousin Huber and best friend Anissina. Anissina was into inventions and technology, so because of her he also became interested in the field as a young man. Gwendal left home when he was about 19 or so, because of an incident where he accidentally blinded Huber in one of his eyes. No one blames him really, but to this day Gwendal still feels guilty about it.

He went to college in the US, getting his bachelor's in 1978. There because of one his teachers he decided to pick teaching as a career, but returned home for a few years with the birth of his younger half-brother Conrad. He returned to the states in 1985 to finish his schooling, earning his Doctor of Engineering in 1990. He did some minor traveling before he started teaching at various small colleges and mostly doing tutoring work. In 2005 he took a teaching position at Cross University as the main Professor of Electrical Engineering, and has taught a variety of subjects since then. Gwendal is no longer a prince as his mother turned the country into a republic several years ago, though he still doesn't mention that fact to most. He has one other half brother, Wolfram, who is thirty one years younger than him and who briefly attended Cross.

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